Orchestra administrators, educators and conductors from California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, and Vermont came together with the Lab's teaching artist staff, composer Kenji Bunch and electric violin soloist Tracy Silverman for the 2012 Intensive.

Watch the video to learn what happened.

Anchorage Symphony Orchestra
Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra
Boston Landmarks Orchestra
Champlain Philharmonic
Little Orchestra Society
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra
Ocean City Pops
Stockton Symphony
Youth Orchestra of San Antonio

The CEL was originally known as the Orchestra Engagement Lab.

Comments from participants at the 2012 Planning Intensive

It was probably the most professionally enriching experience I’ve had.
Juliana Han / Director of Education / Little Orchestra Society

We had so many different organizations with different sizes, budgets, artistic intentions. It was great to see them all coalesce in this one project.
Francisco Noya / Music Director / Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra

I came here thinking I knew something about community engagement, and I have learned that I know only the smallest part of what it takes to engage a community. I’ve come away with a lot of new ideas.
Jane Kenworthy / Executive Director & CEO / Stockton Symphony

What happened this week was pretty unbelievable.
Sarah Geller / Musician / Ocean City Pops